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search engine secrets
search engine secrets practiced by a pro

did you know that 90% of internet users utilize search engines on a daily basis to find what they are looking for? 

did you also know that the average click-thru rate on paid advertising banners, buttons and specialty links on major search engines is about 1%? 

what this means is that 1 person out of 100 is going to click that banner ad or button while the remaining 99 will be looking thru the listings in the search query results of the major search engines.  that is why it is of extreme importance that you have great search engine ranking in relation to your type of business. - FREE Meta Tag Generator
Steps 1, 2, 3... to Web Site Development & Search Engine Promotion

now you should be asking yourself where your web site ranks!  because if your web site is not found in the first 30 listings of a search query results, then you are missing out on the ability to attract potential visitors to your site.  you are also taking the chance that they will find a competitor's site instead of yours.  that all amounts to lost sales and lost revenues.

this is where i come in.  i can get you in those top ranking positions.  using proven methodologies and techniques, i am able to get your web site is in those top 30 results.  i understand how each search engine differs in the way they index and list search results according to their unique rules and regulations of data warehousing.  i also keep up on their ever changing methods, and am therefore able to keep your search engine promotion campaign current, up to date and effective.

how do i do this?  first off i ensure that my clients web sites are "search engine friendly."  while it is important to have an attractive web site that will keep your visitor's attention and sell your product or services, it is equally important that it is optimized for prime search engine positioning. unfortunately, most web sites are not.

i either optimize your existing pages or create specially designed "doorway" or "gateway" pages, which focus on specific keywords or keyword-phrases on how your site is most likely to be found via search engines.  these doorway pages are submitted individually to the top 10 search engines on the internet - that drive 90% of all web traffic.

furthermore, i submit your site to specific categories in major directories - yahoo (if free), looksmart, snap, go and the open directory project.  manual submission is the only way to be listed in these directories.  submission software and automated programs can't do this! 

i can make any web site appear in the top page of all major search engines!

bt's home pageneed proof?  i have made my own personal site ( rank near or on top in all major search engines.  that is to say, if you search for "brian taylor" on any major site, my site will typically pop-up at or near top of search results - more often than not, it is 1st!  sure, "brian taylor" is not a common search phrase, but nonetheless, the systematic approach is the same for all web site promotion.

it requires much time, exacting effort and specified knowledge to get to the 1st page of all the major search engines. 101 ways to promote your web site - book

one of my passions is to master search engines, and subsequently, of promoting and maximizing an virtual presence on the web.  i know most all the meta tag secrets, and much more.  please contact me if you want to take your web site to the next level - in either looks, functionality &/or profitability.

did you know that ...

  1. more than 75% of all web sites fail because people never know they exist?
  2. less than 10% of all search engines are responsible for 90% of total traffic on web?

you've probably dedicated a significant financial investment and time commitment toward promoting your business on the internet, hoping to make your web site profitable.  most businesses are still waiting for the payoff.

before you can profit on the web, you need to understand and control this search engine secrets technology.  i've used these "secrets" (for example - doorway pages) with great success for my 150+ sites i own or manage, and i can help put these secret internet keys to success to work for your internet success - immediately!

the web is becoming more gridlocked daily.  if you want your site to be found, it has to appear in the only place people are looking ... near the top of search engine query results.  a position in the top 20 under a your favorite keyword-phrase can mean 1000s of hot qualified user visits per day!

if you want a lot more hits on your web site, then i can help!

search engine secrets - i know:

how search engines index your web site
tips on gaining and maintaining a high position
how to make the top 10!  (free tip - use my add url form)
how to get ranked higher on all major search engines using keywords & phrases
how to make your site reach its full potential on the indexes (like yahoo)
how to obtain a better listing on the search engines
webmaster's promotion secrets & tools
search engine advertising secrets
web address (url) marketing primer & secrets
top search engines
top 200 search keywords
best search engines to promote your web site
keyword meta tag tips on making your web site rank higher with search engines
overview of the major search engines
information on specialty search services
search engine trivia and interesting facts
search engine reviews
tutorials on how to use search engines
list of the best free classified web sites
secrets to writing effective classified ads that sell
insight into search engine technology
ultimate virtual resource guide to helping you become more successful on the web

30 day money back guarantee if not satisfied!who is brian taylor?

web site developer
webmaster, web site developer - list of clients
manages 100+ web sites
built 1000s of web pages
worked at microsoft for 4 years - resume
a u.s. speed ski champion - personal best 125 mph in vars, france
ex-husky university of washington football running back
you are getting years of serious research that is presented on the web by a professional

brian taylor

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