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Meta Tag Tips & Secrets ... use my FREE MetaTag Generator
meta tags are embedded into html of web pages (view page source in browser to see tags)
meant only for search engines to store, thereby better categorizing page

Brian Taylor, webmaster, web site developer, top page search engine promotion

Sample meta tags below - listed in order of importance
according to me, with top being most important.

... my web pages are built using custom templates....

meta tags - tips, secrets, help, tutorial ... by Brian Taylor - search engine promotion professional
Before we start, let's make it clear:
bulletMeta tags are not a magic solution.
bulletMeta tags are not a magic solution.
bulletMeta tags are not a magic solution.

Meta tags provide a useful way to control your summary in some search engines.  Search engines supporting meta tags can be found here.  Web page html code starts below, looks like this:

Google TIPS:  Google prefers a minimalistic approach to metatags. 
So use only Title, Keywords, Description tags ... along with the "content-type" UTF-8 tag.  All the others are optional, and most the others are essentially worthless, even detrimental.

<meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=UTF-8" />

<title>5-12 Top Favorite Keyword Phrases, including company name if important</title> 

      Tip:  position the <Title> tag above all other meta tags  

<meta name="description" content="Brian Taylor - webmaster, web site developer, Search Engine Promotion Pro, Seattle Washington">  TIP:  description to be 25 words or less, or 200-255 characters
<meta name="keywords" content="brian taylor,brian,taylor,webmaster,bt, web site promotion, web site promoter, web site developer, web developer">  TIP:  separated by comas, no space required after coma ... 20-100 words
<meta name="robots" content="INDEX,FOLLOW">
<meta name="language" content="en-us">


... page content here, ie, images & text, why you exist, your dreams of success, fame, fortune


OPTIONAL META TAGS ... not all search engines support all meta tags

bullet<meta http-equiv="refresh" content="5; URL=home.htm">
bulletafter 5 seconds, automatically forward browser to home.htm page
bullet<META HTTP-EQUIV="Pragma" content="no-cache">
bulletrequests browsers not to cache page (store on hard drive)
bullet<META NAME="robots" content="options listed below in blue">
bulletINDEX (small sites choose this)
bulletINDEX,FOLLOW ... (large sites choose this)

metatags, meta tags, meta tag, search engine secrets, web site promotion, brian taylor

If you DO NOT have some sort of meta content in your pages, don’t waste your time submitting your site to major search engines!  Sure, in time the most important search engines will index your pages - even without meta tags ... and yes, you will probably be near the last page of search engine search results.  

Keep in mind there are over 300,000,000 web surfers in the world today, and many more web pages than there are web surfers.

Major engines like AltaVista, InfoSeek, Lycos, Excite, MSN search, Google and HotBot all rely on the same basic information when they crawl your site for indexing ... your meta tags.

To see what your meta tags look like, when using your browser go to "view" then "source" or "page source" this will show you the HTML of your web site.  Your meta tags should reside somewhere between your <HEAD> and </HEAD> tags near the top of your page.

There are three areas you want to work with:

  1. TITLE ... by far the most important tag in your web page.  When spidering your site, search engine agents will go first to the <TITLE> tag.  So the title must be as optimally descriptive as possible, and include several major keywords and/or keyword-phrases.  The <TITLE> tag is what a browser will display in its title bar, and what a search engine displays when your site will be listed.  
    bullet100 Characters Max
    bulletExample:  "The Coffee Shop" is not descriptive enough!
    bulletYou should have: "The Coffee Shop, Columbian coffee, Mocha, Arabic, 
    French Roast".  Then again, do people search for "The Coffee Shop" or rather 
    "Coffee Shop" ... you figure it out TIP: ancillary or non-essential words 
    like "the" or "welcome to" are worthless, if not detrimental.
  2. DESCRIPTION ... your description tags <META NAME="Description" CONTENT="Enter your description here..."> This tag lets you control what appears as the summary of your web page, and will be displayed after the Title of your web site in the search engine index listing.  Your Description tag also supports your Title Keyword tags and Meta Keywords Tags resulting in optimized search engine placement.
    bullet250 Characters Max
  3. KEYWORDS ... your meta keywords <META NAME="Keywords" CONTENT="Enter your keywords here.."> Very important information for most major search engines.  This information will be not visible to your visitors, but will help with higher search ranking.  Take great care in producing your keywords, they are the best support for your Title Tags.  When choosing your keywords, do so from an outsiders point of view.  Try to imagine what keywords a viewer will use to find a site like yours.  And remember DON'T SPAM by placing mass amount of repetitive keywords.  
    bulletNever duplicate keywords or keyword-phrases in your Meta Keywords list!  
    bulletMaximum acceptable repetition of keyword-phrases inside the page text 
    (not talking Meta Tags here) is 7 times, but keep it under 5 to be universally cool. 
    bullet1000 Characters Max, separated by comas, spaces not required after comas

The 3 steps above will give you a fighting chance amongst the millions ... Try it!  

If you want to be on the 1st page of search engine search results - like I do everyday, then better read all my search engine promotions secrets and tips I have hidden throughout 30+ pages herein. - FREE Meta Tag Generator
Steps 1, 2, 3... to Web Site Development & Search Engine Promotion

search engine secrets

 Meta Tag Tips
bulletMy FREE Meta Tag Generator - search engine tips included
bulletMeta tags are not case sensitive
bulletSearch Engine Secrets
bulletKeyword Meta Tag Tips
bulletNot all meta tags are universally supported by search engines.  Regardless, it does not hurt to include them.
bulletSearch Engine Spamming - duplication of words or phrases will produce negative results
bulletSpacing - spaces separating keyword descriptions are not needed, but coma separation is required
bulletHow Search Engines Work
My Favorite Meta Tag Internet Resources
bulletMeta Tags Defined - in detail
bulletSearch Engine Features
bulletThe Top Search Engines

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