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Brian Taylor

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Brian Taylor
Brian Taylor

Occupation: Webmaster
Previous Occupation: Buying, renovating & selling old homes
College: University of Washington
Degree: Philosophy major & Business minor
College Sports: 1st string walk-on Husky Football running back
Hobbies: Speed Skiing, recreational skiing, hiking, camping, racquetball, tennis, golf, weight lifting, photography, cooking, reading, writing, off-roading, jet skiing
Favorite Foods: Cheese burgers, Thai
Favorite TV Show: Star Trek - the original series, and Friends
Favorite War Movie: The Longest Day (in history)
Favorite War TV Series: Hogan's Heroes
Favorite Cartoon: Star Blazers
Favorite Actors: John Wayne, Sean Connery, Arnold Schwarzenegger
Favorite Actress: Sharon Stone
Favorite Movies: Blade Runner, Excalibur, Jewel of The Nile, The Man From Snowy River
Favorite Music: Rock (Scorpions, Rush), Yanni, classical (Brandenburg Concertos)
Music Favorite Songs: favorite songs Don't Fear the Reaper ... BOC - Blue Oyster Cult
favorite songs Stairway to Heaven ... Led Zeppelin
favorite songs I Melt With You ... Modern English
favorite songs Snow Turned Into Rain (Same Old Lang Syne) .. Dan Folgeberg
favorite songs 3 Doors Down - Kryptonite
favorite songs Faith Of The Heart - Star Trek Enterprise theme song (see below)
favorite songs Desperado - Eagles
Most Prized Possession: Relationships with family and friends

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