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facial pores, skin & wrinkles

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the pores on my face are large and visible.  
is it possible to shrink a pore's size?

pores are tiny openings in the skin through which hair follicles emerge.  on certain areas of the body, such as the nose or central portion of the face, the pores are more prominent.  this is because the sebaceous glands surrounding the hair follicle are larger, producing more oil.  often the pores get clogged with dead skin cells making them appear more prominent.

a pore's size can be shrunk but only temporarily.  products that contain alpha hydroxy acids (glycolic) or retin-a help unclog pores and can control oil and sebum production. regular exfoliation will help loosen dirt and dead skin from clogged pores.  the new pore-cleansing strips currently on the market can also temporarily make pores appear smaller, but they are not a deep treatment; they remove only the top of whatever's plugging the pores.  a consistent and good home skin care regimen is your best remedy to temporarily reduce the size of large and visible pores on your face. consult your skin care professional for a program that works for you and fits your daily activities, environment and lifestyle.

as we age, how can we eliminate the appearance of wrinkles?

you suddenly notice the little sag next to your ear.  then, the fine lines around your eyes.  next, the lines around your mouth. finally, the skin on your neck appears in need of a good ironing.  there is no doubt about it . . . this skin has lived some years. as you age, your skin creates less oil and the outer layer becomes rough and dry.  two proteins - collagen and elastin - gradually diminish and the result is a gradual drying, wrinkling and sagging of the skin. and if that wasn’t enough, the skin pigment becomes irregular, resulting in blotchy skin.

we expect our skin that has lived 40 or 50 years to look like it did when we were 20. instead of focusing on making our skin look younger, we should focus on healthy skin - skin that looks great in texture and tone; skin that radiates with health; skin that we can prevent from premature aging. there is not a magic fountain of youth, but there are ways to noticeably improve the appearance and health of your skin without cosmetic surgery.

bulletalpha hydroxy acids, which include glycolic, lactic, and citric, and beta hydroxy acids, which include salicylic acid, loosen dead skin cells, enhancing cell turnover, thus showing the new skin underneath. alpha and beta hydroxy acids have been proven to improve the skin's appearance because this process helps the skin produce the much needed collagen whose production diminishes as we age. the concentration of acids in most over-the-counter products may be too low to be highly effective on collagen production. higher concentrations can be extremely irritating to the skin so it is best to seek the advice of a skin care professional when choosing your products. the acids work best when they are in a serum or gel base.
bulletanti-oxidants (vitamins c, a and e) do important jobs for the skin. medical research has established that topical vitamin c plays an essential role in every aspect of the skin’s functioning, including protection from ultraviolet damage and repair of cumulative sun damage. buyers beware - the quality of vitamin c products vary greatly. vitamin c comes in two forms: water soluble (ascorbic acid) and fat soluble (ascorbyl palmitate). studies show that ascorbyl palmitate is 80% more effective than ascorbic acid. the combination of anti-oxidants jump-starts your cells into producing more collagen. they constantly need to be nourished and supported. within a short period of time, the skin’s appearance (texture) will be firmer, smoother and more resilient. skin tone evens out thus appearing noticeably healthier.

over-the-counter anti-wrinkle products don’t alter the structure of the skin. but they can accelerate the natural exfoliating process that will reveal the healthier looking skin underneath. healthier skin will make for a more youthful you.

what is all the rage about seaweed?

seaweed is the perfect ingredient for skin care products. vitamins, minerals, amino acids and trace elements – all are abundant in seaweed. of the thousands of different types of seaweed that exist, laminaria digitata is our favorite. this seaweed can absorb 10,000 times the amount of manganese and zinc found in the ocean. it is so pure and natural and so concentrated, you need only a small amount to benefit your skin. seaweed is used in everything - from seaweed body wraps to custom-blended seaweed cleansers and skin serums with algae extracts. the skin absorbs the vitamins and minerals resulting in increased moisture and healthier skin.

which vitamins can really help the skin and how?

bullet vitamin a: topical application helps smooth dry, rough skin and improves elasticity. studies also indicate that topical vitamin a can increase protein and collagen synthesis.
bullet vitamin b-5: ethyl panthenol, better known as b-5 promotes cell regeneration and wound healing. it also enhances moisturizing.
bullet vitamin c: vitamin c increases the synthesis of collagen, strengthens capillaries and protects against ultraviolet radiation.
bullet vitamin e: promotes tissue growth and speeds healing. protects against sun damage.
bullet vitamin k: topical vitamin k has been shown to reduce the appearance of spider veins and helps heal bruises and improve dark circles under the eyes.

photo facial machines now allow any person the ability to treat wrinkles, acne, and other facial  issues in the comfort of their home.  whether you are removing hair with led machines or treating acne scars with another facial machine, you now have the power to bring it home.

what is a facial and why should you have one?

let’s start with the ‘why’ first. all skin treatments – and especially facials - feel great, due in part to the products applied and, of course, the massage that comes with the treatment. facials, performed every month or every two weeks, are great for the skin because they solve skin problems! there are over 19 different skin conditions that can be treated by having a facial.

for example, you could have flawless (not a blackhead in sight) skin, but your skin is very dehydrated. did you know that dehydration is the second largest factor in the aging process? without moisture deep in the tissue, collagen and elastin will break down like brittle bones. the higher the dehydration level of the skin, the slower the healing process and the faster the aging process will occur. so, having a treatment facial that targets dehydration to reseal the skin to keep in moisture and fatty acids helps you address your skin wellness and the aging process. dehydration treatment facials are especially good after laser treatments, microdermabrasion and glycolic peels.

a facial is a four or five step process that begins with a deep cleansing of your facial pores. exfoliation follows to rid the skin of excess dead skin cells. next, extractions are performed - if needed - as at this stage of the facial extractions can be done with ease and little harm to the skin. lastly, the skin is moisturized. each facial is a custom treatment of your skin with products and additives blended for your skin type and condition. in combination with a good home skin care regimen, facials contribute to the overall health and wellness of your skin, and, as so many wish, a healthier looking you is a younger looking you.

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