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(a poem written by my grandfather lloyd dodd)

this will contain some value, all very true,
it is intended for all ages, it might be aimed at you.
in 1902, when mother and dad had six sons,
they said "let’s have one more.
well, now i’m ninety four.
that all happened in brainard, minnesota,
a pleasant place to be, but with this size family
we moved to the rocky mountain country
where a mine was dredged for sapphires and gold.
mother, dad and seven boys
required many clothes and toys,
and a need for education,
so dad formed a school district and made preparation
to hire a teacher with considerable dedication.
with four years without electricity or plumbing and
wood stoves in log cabins and winters' weather numbing.
so we moved back to civilization,
to let nature take its course
and many careers developed here and there of course.
now the family totals more than seventy talented people
circulating everywhere equipped with basic rules.
they were exposed to the ten commandments,
many successes are accomplished with those tools.

written by my grandfather ... lloyd dodd
june 1997
puyuallup, washington - usa

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