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10+ best pot sticker sauce recipes
chinese dumpling
famous potsticker sauces

potsticker sauce recipe - ingredients:

kikkoman soy sauce + rice wine vinegar in about equal amounts.  to this add one or more of:
bulletminced scallions = white part of green onions (a must)
bulletgrated fresh ginger (a near-must)
bulletcrushed to death (minced) garlic (of course)
bulletsun luck sesame oil (separates out, but worth it)
bullethot pepper oil (same issue, you can sometimes find a product that is both)
bulletsugar (my fav final touch) - add some sweet to the hot

potsticker sauce recipe:
bullet4 tablespoons kikkoman soy sauce
bullet8 tablespoons water (or less)
bullet2 teaspoon vinegar (rice or white)
bullet2 tablespoon chopped or minced garlic
bullet1 tablespoon minced ginger
bullet2 tablespoons sun luck la yu chili oil

potsticker sauce recipe:
for a cup or so of pot sticker sauce:
bullet1 clove garlic
bulletginger - a piece about as big as the end of your littlest finger
bullet1/3 cup rice vinegar
bullet2/3 cup kikkoman soy sauce
bulletsun luck la yu chili oil - a few squirts
bulletsugar tsp - optional

mince the garlic and ginger very fine.  combine with everything else.

potsticker sauce recipe:
bulletkikkoman soy sauce (lots)
bulletvinegar (plenty, but be careful)
bulletsugar (just a touch)
bulletsun luck sesame oil (very little)
bulletginger - some fresh ground is nice
bullethot sauce (whatever kind you like), ie sun luck la yu chili oil
bulletminced garlic (of course)

potsticker sauce recipe:

2 tablespoons dark soy sauce*
4 tablespoons water
1 teaspoon vinegar (white)
1 tablespoon chopped garlic
� tablespoon minced fresh ginger
1 teaspoon hot oil or hot oil paste**
dash of white pepper
bulletcombine the ingredients.
bulletmake sauce a day ahead of time to allow flavors to blend.
bulletyou can mince scallions finely on top of it before using it to dip ravs.
bulletif you want to double the portion, do not add additional garlic, ginger, or hot oil.
bullet*dark soy sauce can be purchased in chinese grocery stores. read the label - it contains molasses or sugar. it is darker and less salty than regular soy sauce. if you cannot find any, use regular soy sauce with a little bit of sugar.
bullet**to make hot oil, sprinkle a few drops of salt onto 1 teaspoon of ground red (cayenne) pepper (in a heatproof dish like pyrex!) and set aside. heat 1 tablespoon of cooking oil in a pan and pour it over the powder. this can also be purchased in chinese groceries, but it isn't as good as home-made. store extra hot oil in a clean jar. after it settles, the top layer is called hot oil and the bottom part is called hot oil paste.


pot sticker sauce

serving: 50
prep time: 20 minutes minutes
cook time: 20 minutes
total time: 40 minutes


2 cup soy sauce
2 cup sugar
1/2 cup sake
3/4 minced tsp garlic
2 both zested, and one juiced lemon

bulletin a large sauce pot, bring to a boil and simmer for 15 minutes the soy, sugar, sake and garlic.
bulletremove from heat and add the lemon juice and zest.
bulletchill and serve alongside pot stickers.

nutritional information:

based on individual serving.
calories: 34
total fat: 1 g
carbohydrates: 8 g
protein: 2 g

how to make actual pot stickers (steamed chinese dumplings) for above sauces

tasty little pockets, these dumplings double as cocktail appetizers or a brunch dish for a dim-sum style party.

serving: 50
prep time: 45 minutes minutes
cook time: 25 minutes
total time: 45 minutes


1 package won-ton wrappers
3 sliced scallions
2 to 3 cups chicken stock
peanut oil as needed
2 tablespoons soy sauce
2 egg whites
1 minced teaspoon fresh ginger
1 pound shrimp peeled, de-veined and finely chopped
1 tablespoon cornstarch
5 tablespoons sherry
1/4 teaspoon pepper
1 teaspoon garlic minced


1. mix all ingredients except oil, stock and wrappers.

2. lay out wrappers, wet the surface with water, and portion a little shrimp mix onto each wrapper, leaving a margin.

3. fold the wrappers into triangles, or any shape you like.

4. slightly brown in oil, then add stock to the pan and poach. serve with pot sticker sauce.

nutritional information

based on individual serving.

calories: 42
total fat: 2 g
carbohydrates: 4 g
protein: 2 g

st. theresa's vegetarian potstickers

recipe by st. theresa of the net <>.


you may want to read this whole recipe over before you even get out your knife as you will want enlightenment as to the zen of potstickers.

i make vegetarian potstickers. i know there are carnivores out there, and a shortcut for them would be using chicken broth instead of the veggie broth we will make as part of the whole potsticker experience. you can also brown pork (with ginger and garlic and onion) and drain well and add it to the potsticker mix. you may add some lightly heated egg to hold the veggies together more, but wait until just before cooking to add it to the veggie mixture.

the veggie mixture (and the broth) can be made a couple days in advance.

the broth can be used for many fine things, so i often make more than necessary.


1	large pot			1	rolling pin	
1	sharp knife		1 	wok or frying pan
1 	glass or mug with about a 3-4" diameter rim thin enough to "cookie
	cut" dough - thick mugs and creative edges need not apply
optional:	food processor


much	hot water			1 t	hot chili sauce/pepper sauce
~3 c	flour			 
~2 c	rice vinegar		misc.	crunch veggies, inc.
~2 c	soy sauce		onion, cabbage, sprouts, etc.
~4-5 cloves garlic (or dried)		(see recipe)
~.5 inch ginger (or dried)		up to 1 c vegetable oil
optional:	browned pork, 1 can chicken broth


hot water, flour

mix about 1 c hot water with 1 c flour, mix well so it develops gluten or whatever so it will be chewy, add in more and more flour as it becomes more doughy. dough should be some what sticky, fairly squishy but not too ooozy. after mixing thoroughly, set aside where the cats can't get it

potsticker innards:

all you absolutely need are crunchy veggies, rice vinegar, soy sauce, ginger, and garlic. suggested crunchy veggies include cabbage, onion, green onion, carrots shredded, bean sprouts, peppers, mushrooms, pea pods, celery, broccoli... you get the idea. as you prep the veggies, set aside the ends and skins and parts you don't particularly like but they may be edible. put them in a large pot with about a gallon of water and boil as you finish making your potstickers, or, if you're a slug, throw them on the compost heap and remember to open the can of chicken broth. chop the veggies extremely fine -- short, stubby coleslaw is good. depending on how much you have -- usually about two or three cups is adequate -- pour rice vinegar on to moisten but not flood it.... liquid should barely reach the bottom of the bowl with mixing. add a few squirts of soy sauce -- about a teaspoon or two. while fresh chopped ginger is the best, i've even used that ginger powder stuff, and it works, so toss in either a teaspoon or so of finely chopped ginger or a teaspoon or so of ginger powder. i always use fresh garlic, but i suppose in an absolute pinch you could use garlic powder, add in about a teaspoon or two of that. mix it all up and let it sit a little to let the flavors battle it out. the good thing about the veggies are that you can keep the veggie mix a couple days and make the potstickers at some future time. i don't think the dough is as hardy...

potsticker sauce stuff:

might as well make that now unless you want to do dishes or laundry for about 10 minutes. mix roughly equal portions of soy sauce and rice vinegar in a bowl (small bowl or teacup) and add in some (about a teaspoon, maybe less. you want this for flavor, not to overwhelm) hot chili sauce or hot chili oil or in a pinch even dried chili flakes will do. hot would be the operative word here.


clear off the table. wipe it down well. sprinkle flour liberally on said table. take about a fist full of that dough stuff and roll it out until it's somewhat thin. use the 4-5" rimmed glass to cut circles out of the dough, and either remove the circles or remove the dough around them. take a circle in your palm. scoop out about half a tablespoon/teaspoon into the middle, being careful of any juice dribbling out. fold the circle around it and pinch the edges closed around it. voila!! you might want to stir the veggie slaw every little while to make sure all the juice circulates and can come into each individual potsticker... place the beloved potsticker on lightly floured wax paper.


bulletif you have veggie chunks poking out of the dough or out the seams, the chunks are too large. try chopping a bit more.
bulletif your dough doesn't want to pinch closed, you can reach in to the bottom of the veggie slaw bowl and get some liquid on your finger, rub it across the recalcitrant edge of the potsticker and it should stick better.
bulletif your dough sticks to your hands, try putting flour on your hands -- same with the cutting glass.
bulletif there is a lot of juice, try not mixing the veggies as much, or even draining some of the juice from the bowl.


a wok works best, but i've even used a silverstone frying pan with good results. pour a little bit of vegetable oil in the bottom of the pan. usually i just use whatever's available -- corn or safflower or whatever. olive oil would probably impart too much flavor. peanut oil could be interesting.

get the oil hot.

place potstickers in a small "daisy" circle around the center, so the seams radiate from the approximate middle. heat potstickers until the edges really look dark -- brown to dark brown is very good. now take a coffee mug or so of the veggie broth and pour it in the middle of the circle. it will make much steam and sizzling! swish the liquid around a little so it surrounds all the potstickers but not so that it floods your stove. let it sit there a couple minutes and soak in/evaporate until most of the liquid is gone, now put a lid on and cook for another couple minutes. this should take a total of about 10 minutes after adding the liquid. just keep watching; every pan and wok and stove is different. when all liquid is absorbed, carefully remove potstickers from the pan... sometimes they do stick together, and i'm not sure why. it maybe because of excess flour. it may be because of too much flour. see what changes as you go along.

put more potstickers in the pan in the radiating shape, and keep an eye on them as you eat the first batch dunking the honorable potsticker into the succulent sauce. repeat until all potstickers are done.

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